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A not so Fading Light
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It all started about a year ago. We were out for the day and my son was looking up to the sun. He wanted to know what was so good about the sun. I replied as best I could with ‘well….it’s where we get our sunlight from and it keeps us all warm’.

..but what if the sun didn’t have long left, what would we do then?

This short answer prompted the reply ‘but what if the sun didn’t have long left, what would we do then?’. I wasn’t too sure what to say other that it would most likely mean we’d have to pay more money for electricity and we’d may have to start eating different types of food.

So….why couldn’t I fix it?

If you have kids, you’ll know the most common question is simply ‘Why?’ or ‘Why not?’. And anything is possible, especially to a child. My son continued ‘So….why couldn’t I fix it?’. And that was the start of A not so Fading Light, if the sun was broken, why couldn’t a child fix it? The challenge was how would they get there and how could it be fixed.

With the help of an overactive imagination, I began to jot down a few ideas:

  • What was the best way to get to the sun?
  • Surely the journey wouldn’t be just for one?
  • What would the space travellers need?
  • How could the journey be made fun?
  • How long would it take to get there?

Eventually I settled on a first draft and eagerly read the story to my two children, including my son, the potential saviour of the sun. The response was great, especially the twist I’d created at the end but what I needed was something visual to show them.

I’m not an artist and even my best pencil sketches were not enough to capture the pictures I needed to compliment the story. That was the next challenge. It was at this time that a friend had mentioned the story to GotFocus Solutions, who were eager to discuss collaborating on the project. A meeting in Yorkshire later and we’d made notes on a possible storyboard as well as ways we could make the app interactive.

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Be interactive so the child using the app would discover new features each time they used the app.
  • Make the story easy to follow.
  • Good use of colour whilst being friendly.
  • Make the app educational.
  • Find the perfect narrator.

Over the course of 4 months the storyboard was turned into some initial graphics which gave me the opportunity to let the children see what the story could actually look like.

The A not so Fading Light app for iPhone and iPad was released on the 1st August 2012.

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