World Cup Stickers, Got, Got, Need

I waited in desperation…where was the postman? He usually got here for 10.30am but it was now 10.45am and no show. I contemplated if they’d actually been sent. Had I been duped? If I had, what could I do about it? Could I hunt the mother fu….no, stay calm, chill. Where the bloody hell were […]

Potato Related Films

A while back, I read a tweet from the Bob Mortimer that made me laugh and got me thinking in a certain way. That was a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been thinking about the tweet and decided to create this useful list of potato related film titles. It started with ‘Schindler’s Crisps’ and […]

I've been busy

I’ve had a busy Christmas and New Year (2012) but have found some time to work on a few new things.

I drew a spider

A few weeks ago a challenge was proposed at work…..to draw the best spider using only Microsoft Paint. The rules were simple…..it had to be a spider and to use your imagination to appeal to the public.

I've started to write things down

I’ve always liked stories and putting scenarios together. Could he do that? What if they could make that happen. Little thoughts and gathering inspiration from all sources, in particular real life. I like to make words rhyme but I don’t always use this method. I like a twist especially a good twist which makes the […]

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