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I drew a spider
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A few weeks ago a challenge was proposed at work… draw the best spider using only Microsoft Paint. The rules were simple… had to be a spider and to use your imagination to appeal to the public.

The ‘winner’ would be chosen by the MD and put forward for an ad to be placed in a local newspaper stating ‘Need a better web designer?’.

The competition was fierce, some opted for very traditional spiders whereas others introduced their own experiences and artistc flare. Entries included the ‘rotund, unimpressed, pseudo-spider‘, ‘angry spider‘, ‘spider fury‘, ‘drunk spider‘ and ‘bongy eye spider‘.

I went for the ‘Pirate Spider’, deadly on the high seas though the hand gun would suggest he was very street savvy, also described as ‘representation of life in inner city Manchester’.

I didn’t win but I did make it to the final three where the eventual winner was ‘bongy eye spider’, beating ‘rotund, unimpressed, pseudo-spider’.

The ad was proposed by the good folk at Azure Design.

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