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I've started to write things down
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I’ve always liked stories and putting scenarios together. Could he do that? What if they could make that happen. Little thoughts and gathering inspiration from all sources, in particular real life. I like to make words rhyme but I don’t always use this method. I like a twist especially a good twist which makes the reader think ‘I wish I’d thought of that’. I’ve read many a book, in particular a children’s story where I’ve admired the direction of the tale and wished I’d written that.

My kids have been a great inspiration and they give me new ideas and material each day. Many of the stories I write are for them, to tell them all about a new adventure before they go to sleep.

As I’ve got older I’ve started to write things down, whether that be in a small notebook or typing in an app on my phone or tablet. Modern technology has been great. I’ve woken at 2am on many an occasion, grabbed my phone and typed useful things like ‘rocket ship goes to phun’ or ‘smelly wobot with no fiends’.

This site is a collection of ‘stuff’ that I’ve written or experiences that have happened. I’ve had the fortune to work with a few artists up to now and I really enjoy seeing my words come to life in the form of an illustration. I love the way words can be interpreted and give the reader a visual of the story I’m trying to tell.

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