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Trick or Treat for Halloween
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I wrote a little tale for Halloween.

A boy and his sister
Were tucked up in bed
They weren’t ready to sleep
So wanted a story instead

Their grandad had a think
but wasn’t sure what to say
“How about Halloween?”
Grandad said “Ok!”

He told them a story
He called it ‘Trick or Treat’
“But what’s it all about?”
It’s about a boy named Pete

Pete is quite different
For a start, his eyes are red
He’s got a pet spider
And a pumpkin for a head

He has spikey hair
And a big, lovely smile
Though his teeth are quite sharp
And haven’t been brushed in a while

“He sounds quite scary!”
Well, that’s been said before
Don’t make your mind up yet
Let me tell you some more”

He’s got pointy ears
And a very small nose
He’s got two large feet
And they both have six toes

He’s not very tall
But he is very nice
He hasn’t got any friends
Except for two mice

He doesn’t go out much
Because of the things people say
But he’s always excited
For one very special day

The day is Halloween
But he much prefers the night
Because it’s the only time
When he doesn’t cause a fright

He can hear people say
‘That boy looks so great’
‘He looks so fantastic’
and ‘I wish he was my mate’

So if you see someone different
Just remember Pete
And think less of the trick
And more of the treat

halloween trick or treat

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