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World Cup Stickers, Got, Got, Need
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I waited in desperation…where was the postman? He usually got here for 10.30am but it was now 10.45am and no show. I contemplated if they’d actually been sent. Had I been duped? If I had, what could I do about it? Could I hunt the mother fu….no, stay calm, chill.

Where the bloody hell were these World Cup stickers?

The First Half

37 years of age and I was so close to completing my first ever sticker book. This was the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil sticker album by Panini. After a couple of months collecting, I just needed two (162 Mauricio Pinilla and 402 Arnold Peralta). I’d told friends at first that it was something I was doing with my son, a father son bonding experience but as the weeks went by I noticed I’d referred to the stickers as more ‘my’ than ‘our’. My son was still involved, more silent investor than actual business partner and it was fair to say there was a little resentment when he’d open a pack of stickers and put them in the book a little wonky but he’s my son so I have to forgive him.

…my £1 pocket money per week was stretched between 10p mix ups and Kinder Eggs, not much left to buy stickers

Over the course of my life I had completed all manner of challenges, the Great North Run, a PRINCE2 qualification, eating a 2 litre tub of vanilla ice cream in one sitting but this, completing an actual sticker album, had evaded me for so long. I had fond memories of collecting stickers, from previous World Cups’ to Batman. Always starting them, enjoying the collecting then never finishing the album. It may have been due to money back then, my £1 pocket money per week was stretched between 10p mix ups and Kinder Eggs, not much left to buy stickers.

This time it would be different. I had money, more than £1 a week but more importantly, access to the Internet which played a massive part in the latter stages. I also needed plenty of envelopes and first class stamps.

First Half Injury Time

The story continues in World Cup Stickers, Got, Got, Need just a few where I share how I swapped stickers for an art print, discovered other adults collecting stickers, what I did with all of my swaps and finally, how much I spent (can you put a price on happiness though?).

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