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World Cup Stickers, Got, Got, Need just a few
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In World Cup Stickers, Got, Got, Need, I started the journey to completing the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil sticker album by Panini. The story continues…

A couple of packets here and a couple of packets there, that was my buying strategy during the first few weeks of collecting the stickers. On a Friday I’d treat myself to 10 packets which meant early on there were lots of empty spaces being filled. Progress was steady, nothing outstanding. Some swaps were made between my son and his friends which meant most teams in the album had on average seven spaces filled (every team apart from the Dutch who throughout the collection were a complete pain in the ashhole). About £30 in, I made a decision which meant I got lots of stickers I needed plus generated a substantial amount of swaps.

The Second Half

The turning point came when, with a work colleague, we took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer Morrisons had on and bought 120 packets between us. That was £20 each but for that, we each got 300 stickers.

I left Morrisons with a carrier bag full of stickers and a smile on my face

The look on the assistants face was priceless as I asked for the 120 packets. At first she counted 20 but once I explained I was purchasing for the lads at the football team, she realised this was no laughing matter, though she laughed through the 15 minutes of counting the stickers. I left Morrisons with a carrier bag full of stickers and a smile on my face. I headed to my colleagues home knowing this was like a birthday and Christmas rolled into one.

A few days later I did a stock take…166 needed but a swap pile of 212. That was a combination of the starter packs, the money I’d spent prior to Morrisons, the Morrisons deal and packets my son had purchased with his pocket money. I didn’t want to spend too much more money and I had enough swaps to complete the album. At this stage, a couple of events happened which made the final stages much more smoother. I found a website called Swap Stick, discovered the Twitter hashtag of #gotgotneed, followed some sticker specific Twitter accounts and stumbled on a tweet from Stan Chow. I swapped plenty of stickers via Swap Stick. I added my needs and swaps to the website and it matched me up with those who could help.

I thought swapping stickers was something for kids but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Adults love swapping stickers as well.

Second Half Injury Time

I swapped over 100 stickers in the first week alone. It meant sending stickers (and receiving) stickers by post but the excitement was immense as I came home from work to see a pile of envelopes there waiting for me. As for Stan Chow, I noticed a tweet he’d replied to which mentioned what he needed. I love Stan’s work and eagerly checked to see what I had that he needed. For 5 stickers I got a wonderful print of Manchester.

The beauty of the Internet.

Three weeks of sticker swapping left me needing 2 stickers, 162 Mauricio Pinilla and 402 Arnold Peralta.

Extra Time and the Final Whistle

The story concludes with the final part Extra Time and the Final Whistle.

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